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Liz Stokes

Chest Closure and Multiple Short Updates.

June 28th
Carter’s recovery was rocky. It took some time for the team to find the proper pain management and sedation level. He actually woke up at 10:30a out of sedation. All we are able to do is sit and stare at him.

Dr. Bryant came in to evaluate him and decided that everything was progressing well enough to where he would be able to close his chest the following morning. His hospital Cardiac Intensive Care Unit room will be quickly changed into an operating room. They will clean his heart, the cavity, and inspect it all. It’s another major surgery. The entire pod with all the other patients will be on lock down. No one in and no one out. We will have to stay out. Carter will be sedated for the coming 1-2 days because at this point sleep is the best healer.

June 29th

Surgery was uneventful and all went as planned the team was able to close his chest with no events. His color is back and then some because of the extra blood running through his body. His face is less swollen, he held my hand, smiled, slept, and continued to heal.

June 30th

Things seem to be making a change for the better! Carter has been engaging with Momma and Dad more and opening his eyes quite a bit. Carter’s pace maker was turned off this morning, his blood pressure medication was turned off, and they are backing off his sedation medication and diuretic. He’s doing so well today. There are talks of removing the ventilator tomorrow morning.

Every moment can change and we’re fully aware of that so please keep praying for our sweet boy.

Evening update: Kind of a rough afternoon/evening for Carter. His oxygen is higher than the doctor thought it would need to be at this point, he’s throwing up, and his lungs sound/are junkie. All typical but not an easy ordeal to witness. I came home for the week….


July 2nd

Carter is struggling. I doubt they’ll take him off the ventilator today because his heart doesn’t want to stay in rhythm. He’s tolerating the irregularities but they don’t want to risk causing more problems. The team is currently doing an EKG to get a better picture of what’s going on. He’s hooked back up to the pacemaker but it’s not on. Yet. Tremors are back. Potassium is low which could be causing his heart irregularities.

On a good note, the chest tube is out and the nurses are continuing to back off the ventilator settings and sedations. Another day of close monitoring.

Lydia doesn’t know it yet but she had the honor of naming her brother. C.A.M.S.

Evening update: The power of prayer and positive energy is present! God is so good!! Carter Allen Marshall Stokes has exceeded everyone’s expectations and goals today. Chest tube out, off pain medications, getting more lines removed tonight, and the ventilator is removed! Back in Momma’s arms! Lots of big steps today considering what a rocky morning we experienced.

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