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Liz Stokes

Happy Anniversary.

Today’s our 13th wedding anniversary. We received a pretty awesome gift. A friend of our’s commissioned the cover photo from a local artist. It’s an amazing depiction of Carter breaking free from all his wires. Since he received the wound vac from his heart surgery we have been jokingly calling him “Ironman” not knowing how truly fitting this nickname would become in his life. We’re on our way to our first trip to the step down unit. Which means we might actually get to go home only to return in October for his next surgery.


The Glenn Shunt. They’ll be connecting his pulmonary artery to his SVC and we will be able to breathe a little easier after this surgery. We just need to get there.

Pain withdrawals have started and there’s not much to do except ride them out. On July 4th they removed his arterial line. One less wire to worry about but he’s only been twilight sleeping and fussing every three minutes or so.

July 5th my mom is with me at the hospital. We walked in to chaos. Carter had thrown up his feeds and one of the worst case scenarios happened. His saturations dropped, his pulse increased, and his respiration rate sky rocketed. He aspirated his morning feed. X-ray immediately confirmed it. They could see the pool of white in his lung. His stats stayed down which is a telltale sign he could have a blood clot so in rolled echo as well. He’s now started a new antibiotic to prevent a lung infection. Good news though he seems to have calmed down and is now getting some good sleep.


July 6th- wound vac off, pacer lines out, working on fixing his feeding issues. And today is the first day big brother and sister are meeting little brother. This was the coolest to experience. My kids rolled in like it was no big deal. They even helped change diapers.

An amazing day! A good day.

7/8 more visitors! Aunt Sadie, Uncle Brian, and Aunt Tabitha came to meet Carter. We also went to Babies R Us to make a big purchase!

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