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Liz Stokes

The New Doctors

Saturday was our first outing as a family of five. Guess where we went? The Pediatricians office! So exciting!

Carter received his first set of vaccines so that he can get caught up and be less of a risk.

Then came Wednesday. We had to go to Dayton Children’s for Carter’s first follow up appointment with his new Cardiologist, Dr. Ross.

We were nervous yet excited. We entered the examining room and were bombarded with questions. We simply handed over the paperwork for the nurse to decipher herself. His medications are simple to us now but daunting to others. She then went on to examine him. She put of the pulse ox and flinched. Then she said she wanted to retry. I asked what the it was she said 84. There was a sigh of relief on Rob’s face and mine. Our machines matched up and we wouldn’t have to justify the reading. In the meantime the nurse was in panic. I said that’s a great number! She said normally they code for numbers like this. We told her that’s actually really good and that they like for his numbers to be between 75-85.

Moving on. Dr. Ross entered the room and was immediately interested in our adoption story. We explained that we’d been waiting for 3.5 years to be matched. When Carter came around all we knew is that he had Heterotaxy Syndrome and when I went to google it there was nothing but medical journal articles that I didn’t understand. He interrupted and said that he was sorry for being so nosy but he was the Doctor to diagnose Carter in utero. He had been worrying about Carter and his outcome. He was so excited to learn that his mother had made an adoption plan for him and that we were his parents. (We had worked with Dr. Ross before from when Jackson was born til he was two.) We know him and love him.

Carter went on to have an EKG, Xray, and labs drawn. While we have yet to hear the result from the labs we are praying that no news is good news.

Dr. Ross was so impressed with Carter that he pushed back his next appointment to the 13th of December at the satellite office! So much closer to home and cleaner too!

A week early we learned that the little girl in the photo below was also declared cancer free! We are best of friends with her Aunt and Uncle and have been praying diligently for her health. Congratulations! #fiercecharlotte



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